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by admin on May 29, 2015

BDY-why-man-workoutBased on advanced science and proprietary formulas, officials say the Bowflex Body product line will help activate metabolism, support the immune system, build muscle, burn calories, provide energy and refuel the body. Created by renowned nutritional chemists, the Bowflex Body shake can be used as a pre- or post-workout energy booster, as well as a meal replacement with all the necessary nutrition.

History of Bowflex Body

Darden developed the Bowflex Body Leanness Program was in 1995 in Gainesville, Florida, after he first experienced the Bowflex machine. Though originally skeptical of the Bowflex, Darden found the resistance curve to be satisfying and effective after trying the machine. He drafted three men and three women who were overweight to try a reduced-calorie diet in conjunction with three weekly workouts on the Bowflex. The participants lost weight and Darden went on to refine the program, which is now packaged with every machine Bowflex produces.

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Bowflex Protein Shakes

The four great tasting shakes – French Vanilla Fitness shake, Rich Chocolate Fat Burner+Shake Boost, Mixed Berry Antioxidant+Shake Boost and Peanut butter protein+Shake Boost – provide the perfect nutrition and protein to help your workout exceed the results that you have had before. They are blended to help with energy and stamina not only during your workout, but all day. Since it is bringing a perfect balance to your metabolism, your junk food cravings will be reduced.

The Bowflex Body shakes are specially designed to build, burn and protect your body. If you need to burn calories, you can use the shake as a meal replacement. It is only 125 calories and designed to fill you up and stop your cravings. After a workout, it is suggested to drink one to help develop lean muscles and protect your body with antioxidants.

Benefits of consuming Bowflex Protein Shakes

Every shake is packed with antioxidants, essential nutrients and immune enhancing ingredients. Plus, it provides a dose of healthy energy any time you need a boost. Bowflex Body shakes are the ultimate healthy snack. The benefits include:

  • Proprietary blend of 5 premium proteins and 5 beneficial BDY-why-product-groupfibers
  • Curbs cravings and makes you feel full longer
  • Promotes fat burning and helps boost metabolism
  • 15 grams of the highest quality proteins
  • Excellent source of essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Made with beneficial real fruit and vegetable extracts
  • Helps support healthy immune function
  • Supports muscle development and recovery
  • Promotes sustained energy and endurance

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Bowflex Energy Drinks

Bowflex Body has introduced two forms of energy drinks – Pre-workout Energy and Daily Energy.

Pre-Workout Energy is a Berry Pomegranate-flavored formula designed to improve aerobic and anaerobic performance, promote recovery and provide powerful, fast-acting energy without the crash.

A Passion Fruit-flavored Daily Energy formula provides long-lasting energy to enhance focus, improve aerobic performance and aid in sustained activity.

Final words

To consider this as the best fitness product for you, you will need to take a look at your workout routine and your goals. Whether you are interested in losing weight or in building more muscle, whether you are at the beginner level or at the total workout marathon level, Bowflex Body will offer you a nutrition plan.

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