Bowflex Treadclimber

Bowflex Treadclimber

Bowflex Review

Bowflex of America, Inc. first marketed its unique approach to fitness in 1986. Its first product, a resistance system, was a hit with weightlifters. Bowflex eventually bought out Nautilus Corporation, Schwinn Fitness, and Stairmaster Fitness.

The company introduced the first Bowflex Treadclimber in 2003. This hybrid treadmill-stairclimber became popular for providing twice the workout of a standard treadmill. The secret is in incline training: Like the newer Treadclimber models, the original machine tilted up to 40%. The Treadclimber has also been referred to as the “WalkTC” in some of Bowflex’s marketing campaigns and infomercials over the years.

How does it work?

The Treadclimber machine is a unique breakthrough in the fitness industry. It combines the actions of the three most effective cardio machines into one:

  1. TREADMILL: Splitting the treadle into two separate belts, the Treadclimber machine delivers the walking, jogging and running action of a treadmill—and goes a step further. In addition to your legs and glutes, it engages the core muscles that help maintain your balance.
  2. STAIR CLIMBER: The pumping action of the separate treadles replicates the highly effective aerobic exertion of stepping.
  3. ELLIPTICAL: As the Treadclimber machine’s treadles rise to meet your stride, the impact on your joints is reduced, so you enjoy the same smooth, ergonomic motion of the best elliptical machines.

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Treadclimber TC5

The Bowflex TC5 utilizes the same TreadClimber technology as the higher-rated TreadClimbers but has just the essentials to make it more affordable.

The TC5 does not come with all the features of the TC10 or the TC20, and while it is a decent piece of equipment, customer ratings and our research & rating algorithm show it’s not as good of an investment as the higher-rated models.

Treadclimber TC10

The secret to the TreadClimber TC10 is Bowflex’s unique dual treadle system, which offers the benefits of three machines in one. Cardio training on the TreadClimber TC10 not only helps you lose weight, but it also increases your energy level, improves your bone density, increases HDLs (the “good” cholesterol), reduces back pain, and makes you leaner.

Treadclimber TC20

The TC20 or TreadClimber 20 – from the TreadClimber series also referred to as the WalkTC – is Bowflex’s most advanced incline trainer. Like the simpler Bowflex TreadClimbers, the TC20 is a combination of three machines: a treadmill, a stairclimber, and an elliptical trainer. Its upgrades include a heart rate monitor, a higher weight capacity, longer treadles, and extra programming to help keep you motivated. From new exercise programs to nutrition and training advice, we want to be your health and fitness partner.

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