Bowflex Uppercut

Bowflex Uppercut

Bowflex Uppercut 300x300 1 - Home Fitness GuruThe Bowflex UpperCut is an exercise machine designed to work your core, shoulders, and back, with equal distribution, while improving the structure and appearance of the abs. Of course, once you order one, it comes as a series of disassembled parts that need some engineering, then afterward you’ll have it all to yourself. From push-ups, yoga, and support for the legs on routines and drills that require more leg strength then you can muster, the UpperCut is mostly capable of pulling it all off. You could even be adventurous, take it up into the air (a test of strength), and flex it continuously.

Bowflex Uppercut Model

Bowflex markets this device as an all-around workout. It’s used to perform exercises such as flys, pikes, and pushups. The product features two handles connected to a base by moving arms and resistance bands with three adjustable resistance levels. The design adds resistance to pushup type exercises and allows you to perform lower body and ab exercises against the same resistance.

Many exercises can be performed with the Bowflex Uppercut. The movements of the Uppercut allow you to work out with hands on the device for upper body exercises like resistance pushups and chest flys, or feet on performing abdominal workouts such as pikes, jackknifes and ab rollouts

Bowflex Uppercut Features

The real secret sauce to the Bowflex UpperCut is the resistance Bowflex Uppercut workout 300x300 1 - Home Fitness Gurubands and unique design.  Put the UpperCut under your chest and suddenly you are doing perfect pushups…because the resistance bands help you pop up.  Even though the pushups are easier to do thanks to the UpperCut, you are still getting a great workout due to the emphasis on good form and really focusing the effort on your chest and upper body.  The features you enjoy:

  • Harness the power of over 30 exercises with unlimited variations presses, pikes, flys and dives
  • Activate up to 30 percent more muscles
  • Enable up to 4 times as many reps
  • Deliver incredible control and stability
  • Includes the UpperCut, Bowflex body weight loss program, workout poster, mobile apps workouts and owner’s manual

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