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Adjustable 30KG/65LB Weights Electroplating Dumbbells Set with Non-Slip Barbell Handle

Fine quality materials: The Multi-layer electroplating process bids farewell to the odor of traditional rubber dumbbells, which is smoother overall and more comfortable to touch, and it isn’t easy to drop the electroplated layer.
Non-slip design: Diamond grain non-slip perspiration particles, engineering soft plastic subject matter, is conducive to palm breathable and perspiration, keeping the palm comfortable and natural.
Body workouts: Dumbbells Workout Exercise Burns Calories This Type Of Weight Loss Workout Now not Only Burns Calories, But Improves Muscle Strength, Muscular Staying power And Heart Health. Build Tone Your Body Muscle.
Simple assembly: The screw locks to your dumbbell set make weight adjustments quick and easy. Can also be dumbbell, also can change to barbell. With a spin of the wrist, you’ll change out your weight plates and keep going. Save time to your travel and your workout.

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