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Adjustable CAP Barbell 100-Pound Vinyl Weight Set is the ideal Solution for a Beginner, as well as the most Experienced Lifter Excellent for Working out your Arms, Chest, Back and Legs Designed to give you a Full Body Workout

The vinyl weight set is the easiest resolution for a beginner, in addition to the experienced lifter
The CAP Barbell Weight set comes with 100 lb of weight plates, a tubular steel bar and collars; the whole lot you want right out of the box
Cement stuffed weights on this 100 pound weight set have been a typical within the lifting community for years
Absolute best for arms, chest, back and legs, this Gold’s Gym Weight Set can do it all
Weight set includes: two 25 lb, two 15 lb and two 10 lb, 2 collars and a 1′ 2 piece bar

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