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Adjustable Dumbbells, 20kg-44lb Dumbbell Set, 2 in 1 Weight Set with Connecting Rod to Barbell, Stylish and Elegant Chromed Weights with Travel Case

ELEGANT CHROMED STEEL DUMBBELL SET. Chrome is just eye catching. This Dumbbells have great look and so will you after your workouts
ADJUSTABLE TO BARBELL AND VERSATILE You may attach the Dumbbells with the connecting rod and develop into your weights to barbells, this way you’ll be able to multiply the exercise options and make the most out of your workout.
NO FALLING DISCS TECHNOLOGY, All Discs have a spiral locking system which keeps all discs tighten in position although you don’t put the final “Nut”. Discs will also be adjusted in seconds from 4.5lb up to 44lb depending on your needs.
HEAVY DUTY AND COMFORTABLE. This Weight Set is made with long lasting materials and designed for a comfortable and protected grip. We included 2 dumbbell stands so you’ll be able to place conveniently your weights on the floor when not the usage of.
TRAVEL OR STORAGE STURDY CASE: Compact, convenient, and easy to use go back and forth case. Get rid of the need for a couple of dumbbells in your workout space and take them far and wide you go.

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