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Bibowa Adjustable Dumbbells Set,Dumbbell Barbell 2 in 1,12,15,19,25,30,32,44 Lb Multifunction Weights Dumbells Set

Adjustable dumbbells set of 2,22 pounds every.
Multifunctional dumbbell:the dumbbell bar is attached by a connector to form a barbell.make exercise more abundant,and more importantly,this is the smartest purchase in comparison to the price of buying 2 types of fitness equipment.
Scientific Fitness:44-pound adjustable weight set,you’ll be able to progressively increase the intensity according to your own fitness plan,whether you are man or woman are suitable.
Secure Fitness:The dumbbell plates are covered with rubber to keep away from damage to the floor,and the dumbbell bar has a non-slip design.
STYLISH,MINIMALIST LOOK:Black with bright yellow is the most fashionable and brightest color.If it is at home or in the gym, it’s the most beautiful scenery.

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