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Jandecfit Workout Bow/Bow Portable Home Gym Resistance Bands and Bar System with 6 Resistance Bands,Weightlifting Training Kit, Full Body Workout Equipment Home Gym System.

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【LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE】Jandecfit bow portable home is light and easy to carry. It may be easily put into the car. It may be used for body workouts anytime, anywhere in your room, workplace, and shuttle,doing exercises such as upright lifting, weight-bearing squats, rowing, and so forth., is like a mobile gym, allowing you to have a healthy body.
【QUALITY DESIGN】The Bow is made of aircraft aluminum is durable and can withstand more than 300 pounds of resistance,the resistance band is made of natural latex, which is soft, non-irritating, no bizarre smell, long service life, and anti-aging.The grip is made of high-quality soft sponge cover, which maximizes the comfort of use.
【ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE】The resistance will also be adjusted at most 4 elastic ropes will also be installed at a time, and the resistance is between 10 pounds and 107 pounds,to meet your needs in different training stages, adjust to the appropriate resistance as needed,combine resistance to get the most efficient weight for every exercise.No matter a beginner or a professional, you’ll be able to use this resistance band set and enjoy the sport.
【Full Body Workout】Jandecfit Bow combines a weightlifting bar and resistance bands,Use resistance rope to train your muscles, so that the muscles are all the time in a state of tension and exertion, weight loss, fitness, fitness, your only’ll be able to perform a couple of training methods such as bench press, weightlifting, and weight-bearing squats, Exercise each major muscle group.
【Product Details】Includes 1 Jandecfit Bow 2 pieces,6 resistance bands(Green 45LB*3, Blue 32LB, Red 20LB, Yellow 10LB), 2 screws,1 screwdriver and 1 Resistance Bands Carry Bag.

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