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metaball Blue Gliding Discs Core Sliders Smooth Use On Carpet Floor Exercise Sliders Equipment.Compact Core Gliders for Home Gym – Fitness Equipment & Full-Body Workout Accessories

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Reliability&durable: For those who like full-body training, you’ll be able to try to use sliders. The usage of sliders can make your parts of muscles actively , it can make your abdominals becoming stronger than before.
Metaball Gliding Sliders are great for training and condition in addition to have an extra large surface for both your hands and feet.
The sliding plates have less contact with the ground, less friction and easier sliding. As well as, gliding discs sliders move around easily, so it can toughen flexibility of hands of your muscle.
It’ best number of you training in dance ,martial art and gymnastics.
ou’ll be capable of bring your Sliders all over the place you go and with the dual sides you’ll be able to slide on a couple of surfaces! Nothing can stop you from getting your core workout in! The Foam side works best on hard, smooth surfaces like hardwood floors. The Plastic side works best on softer surfaces, like carpet or turf.

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