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T&R sports Adjustable Rubber Dumbbell Set Barbell Home Gym Exercise Weights Fitness 20kg

SHAPE YOUR PERFECT BODY Our dumbbell/barbell set perfectly suits all needs to exercise all major muscle groups including the arms, chest, back, abs, legs buttocks and core, and capable of targeting specific muscles and providing a full body workout.
MULTI-PURPOSE DESIGN Dumbbell set will also be easily transformed into a barbell by screwing the dumbbell rods into the barbell rod. More exercise options to be had with the simple moves.
ADJUSTABLE WEIGHTS Our adjustable dumbbells are a great product for buyers who want quite a few weights but either don’t have the space, storage or budget for a full set of fixed dumbbells. Combining weight plates otherwise, buyers may obtain every dumbbell weighting 6 to 22 pounds and a barbell weighting 6 to 32 pound to meet different training needs.
SAFE TO USE AND EASY TO STORE The rods are made of spring steel, which can carry heavy weights and will not bend. The non-slip handles are knurled and contoured that fit your hands perfectly. Simply unscrew the end nuts to uninstall weight plates, the separated parts can now be easily stored into your drawers.
DURABLE AND ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY MATIERAL Cement mixture combining with polyethylene coating is more durable, have an effect on-resistant and shock absorbent than odd materials. Plus, polyethylene has a higher tear-strength, meaning polyethylene-coated dumbbells most often have a longer warranty period. In the end, all materials in our dumbbells does not produce an odor, even through the years.

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