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VOMSASN 2 in 1 Dumbbells Set Barbell Adjustable Weight Up to 44Lbs Comfortable Grip Suitable Weight for Workout, Whole Body Exercise, Home Fitness and Strength Training

【Dumbbells/Barbell,Whatever you wish to have】Using connecting rod can connect dumbbell piece or two dumbbells directly into a barbell to meet your different sports needs.You don’t want to buy a single dumbbell or barbell, one product, to solve two problems.
【Changeable Weight】You’ll be able to choose different weights of dumbbell plates according to your needs, so our products can also be used by women and children. One product is enough for a family. The maximum weight is 44 lbs. You’ll be able to choose the right weight for your training needs.
【Protected design & Easy to install】Dumbbell plates has a layer of plastic protection on the outside, so it won’t damage your floor when you place it on the floor. Safety material, non-toxic. But even so, our product installation is very simple, you may not need a manual, just choose the right weight on both ends of the maintain and tighten the nuts.
【Save Space & Easy to Store】Not everyone has a home gym, and if you shouldn’t have enough space, our products are perfect. You just need a place that can meet your fitness movement, and then assemble our products. After use, You’ll be able to also disassemble and store them in the locker.The hexagonal weight plate is designed so that it does not roll when placed on the ground and does not damage your floor.
【Customer Service】In case you have any questions about the product, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be able to give you a satisfactory solution.

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