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WATMAID Dumbbells Weights Set Adjustable Weight to 44Lbs, Free Weight Sets with Connecting Rods, Used as Barbell Set Gym Exercise Home Training, Fitness Dumbbell Set with Different Weights

Adjustable Weights – This dumbbell comes with 3 sets of dumbbell plates with different weights. You’ll freely customize the weight setting to meet your training needs. Fitness dumbbell kits can provide you with a number of weight options, ranging from beginner level to senior level. Different weight stimulation is likely one of the most effective ways to increase muscle mass. With a larger weight range, users can finely and fully stimulate your muscles
Multifunctional Dumbbells – not only limited to different dumbbell combinations, fitness dumbbell groups also have links that can be combined into barbells to meet the needs of upper and lower limb movements. It is effective to shape arms, shoulders, back, and give a boost to muscles. This multifunctional strength training equipment can provide fitness enthusiasts with more and better training methods than other sports equipment.
More Stable Won’t Scroll Casually – The sports dumbbell set equipped with chrome-plated connecting rod, and the knurling ensures a firm grip. The dumbbell handle is coated with rubber, its uneven surface can greatly fortify the friction force, thereby ensuring a firm holding force to prevent easy slipping away from the hand. Compared with other round shape, our dumbbells set designed with octagon shapes, which prevent from scrolling when you doing exercise and provide easier storage.
Health and Fitness – Our weight-loss fitness equipment uses dumbbells in daily exercise to enable you to target specific muscle groups or perform full-body exercises to burn fat and calories, and is also a good option to fitness-shaping. It can effectively and safely fortify your core strength and strengthen abdominal endurance. It is a fine quality choice for fitness enthusiasts to gain muscle and reduce fat, slim down and shape.
The Best Health Gift – You’ll use fitness dumbbells at home without going out, especially in some special periods when you cannot go out, this fitness dumbbell is indeed a surprise gift for fitness people.All the way through this special period, keeping your fitness passion, building a shapely body. In point of fact perfect.

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