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Weights Dumbbells Barbell Set – Adjustable Dumbbell Set – Weight Sets for Home Gym – Includes Connecting Rod – Anti-Slip Padded Design – Ideal for Men and Women, Home Workout

Progressive Exercise Equipment – This weights dumbbell set comes with 12 change plates that let you tailor your workout or exercise routine based on your fitness level for low-impact training that helps you tone muscles all over your upper body.
Upper Body, Back, and Arm Workouts – Our home gym equipment can be used for all types of common barbell and dumbbell workouts such as seated overhead press, incline bench, shoulder shrugs, bicep curls, and much more.
Stronger, More Resilient Construction – Each dumb bells weight set was designed with more durability and balance to ensure you can maintain proper form and consistently when working out with equipment that outlasts tough exercises.
Shape and Tone Muscle Groups – A dumbbell set for women and men you can easily get a full-body workout in your upper back, arms, biceps, chest, shoulders, abs, and other core muscle groups, so you can lose weight, get healthy, and look amazing.
Non-Slip Neoprene Coated Grip – Along with a heavy-duty rod and solid cast iron core our workout equipment boasts a slip-resistant grip to help you maintain more control over the bar when you’re weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit training.

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