10 Minute Follow Along Body Weight Beach WORKOUT | Episode I

10 Minute Follow Along Body Weight Beach WORKOUT | Episode I

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A full body workout that requires ZERO equipment and you can do in less than 10 minutes! Just 4 Exercises that target all the muscles of the body if you’re looking for some serious calorie burning to burn some fat fast and get that beach body for the summer!

Head Strength Coach Chris Wilson guides you through this high energy routine along with Fitness Pros Michelle DiCapua, Becky Fox in beautiful Fort DeSoto Beach, St Petersburg Florida.

This is Episode 1 of 4 Total workouts filmed at this location. Each of these workouts is different and hits the body in new ways. Of course if you’re looking to make this MORE advanced, you can add reps, time, sets to this routine making it a 15 or even 20 minute workout for more calorie burning.

Here is the Workout:

4 Exercises | 2 Rounds/Sets | Reps vary per exercise | Rest is 10-20 secs between (or more if needed)

Side to Side Kickouts
Split Squats (static lunge)
Side Plank Iso Hold
Jump Tucks

Please leave some comments and/or questions below with suggestions for future follow along videos! We love hearing back from our viewers.

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