8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Mass

8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Mass (HOME EDITION)

8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Mass

8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Mass

In this video, we cover the best shoulder exercises for mass for those training at home. Many of us are being forced to do shoulder workouts at home at the moment, so we want to be sure that the shoulder exercises we are doing are capable of putting on muscle mass so we don’t lose our gains while away from the gym.

That said, the home shoulder exercises to be covered here will consist of those you can perform with either a couple sets of dumbbells or your own bodyweight. The key is that the movement can be overloaded in such a way so as to create hypertrophy.

First up is the bodyweight side lateral raise. Using the concept of relative abduction, we can hit the middle head of the delts and turn this home delt exercise into one of the best for increasing shoulder width at home. The key is to drive the elbow into the ground as you rotate your torso away. Though the arm is staying stationary, the body is creating abduction at the shoulder joint which creates a bodyweight shoulder exercise capable of building the middle delt.

If we have dumbbells, we can target the middle delts as well with this awesome shoulder lateral raise combination. Start with the heavier dumbbell and perform a cheat lateral. The key here is to swing the weight up a bit but control the eccentric lowering on the way down. This eccentric muscle contraction is a useful way to create muscle mass and overload. After reaching failure, immediately grab the lighter dumbbell and rep out with a strict lateral raise once again to failure.

Back to the bodyweight shoulder exercises for the prowler pushup. The best part about this exercise is that it hits the front delt hard both eccentrically and concentrically on the same movement with the added stretch to the delts at the bottom.

The DB Seated Z Press is a shoulder exercise that helps to eliminate momentum from the lift and in the process make the shoulders do more of the work with less help from the legs. Of course, you will not be able to use as much weight on this shoulder exercise as you may normally however remember your muscles cannot read, they can only feel. They don’t know what the number says on the side of the dumbbell. Instead, they know the tension that they feel, and if you do this right, you will feel exactly the tension needed in the shoulders to help them grow.

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