AMAZING Resistance Band Upper Body Workout

AMAZING Resistance Band Upper Body Workout

*If you’re looking for an upper body working using resistance bands, here ya go! Try this 15-minute routine to burn off some fat and pump up those muscles!*

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Hitting those upper body muscles with resistance bands can be challenging for some people out there….if you’re a beginner or new to training, you may not have a lot of home equipment or a gym membership. For others, you may just want to have some options when you’re at home or traveling and don’t have access to a full gym.

Try this 6 exercise Resistance Band Upper Body Workout that Coach Tonya Fines has put together just for you. It’s designed to give you some serious calorie burning while really hitting those arms, chest and shoulder muscles….and your core too!

Here is the Workout just as it is shown:

Superset 1 – Biceps Curls & Single Arm Overhead Triceps Extension

Superset 2 – Shoulder Press & Side Lateral Raises

Superset 3 – Chest Press & Row


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