Fix Bad Posture in 22 Days

Fix Bad Posture in 22 Days (WORKS EVERY TIME!)

Fix Bad Posture in 22 Days

Fix Bad Posture in 22 Days

If you want to fix bad posture and do it quickly, then you will want to watch this step by step video for how to get better posture. The key to perfect posture is to address the issues specifically and consistently. Here, I show you a series of six tests that you can easily perform at home to determine where you specific posture issues are and then I tell you the exact stretches and exercises you can do to correct the problem.

In just 22 days, you will be able to test yourself to identify the causes of your bad posture and then get a game plan for fixing these one by one.

It starts on day one with the posture test. Now, as a physical therapist, I am definitely one to advocate seeing a professional in your area to give you a thorough evaluation to determine not just what postural issues you may have but the severity of them and how they may differ from one side to the other. That said, the six areas addressed here are usually so prominent that they benefit from working on them now without delaying any further.

These areas of muscle tightness and posture problems are the thoracic spine being too rounded, the hamstrings being too tight, calf tightness, inflexible abs, tight hip flexors and hip rotators that often get neglected. Through a series of tests, you will be able to quickly assess these areas on yourself and determine whether you need to focus on them as part of your specific 22 day plan.

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