FULL BODY Dumbbell Workout for Women Over 40 (GREAT Results FAST)

FULL BODY Dumbbell Workout for Women Over 40 (GREAT Results FAST)

*This FULL BODY Dumbbell Workout is Exactly What Women Over 40 Need. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it delivers GREAT results!*

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By the time you’ve reached your forties, one of two things has likely happened: You’ve found a go-to fitness routine, or you’ve completely given up on your goals. Either way, it’s time to shake things up, because this is the time when differences between the fit and unfit really start to show.

The decrease in muscle and bone mass that begins in your thirties and continues and gets worse if you don’t exercise. Fat-burning muscle is critical to keeping your weight balanced. It will not only prevent you from going up a few dress sizes but also help you fight off serious stuff like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer.

Even if it has been months or years since you worked out last, your muscle fibers can fall back on your past experience for support and can be ready to go in a short notice. And your heart and lungs need to stay healthy too and this routine can help with that!

One change you will begin to notice in your forties is that recovering from workouts takes a little longer. It’s because your levels of hormones like estrogen and testosterone usually drop slightly during this decade and this drop can speed up the aging process if you allow it to, this isn’t a good thing.

In this FULL BODY Dumbbell Workout for Women Over 40, Coach Tonya gives you exactly what you need to do in order to stay healthy even if you don’t feel like you did in college!

Here is the workout:

Biceps Curl & Press – 10 12 reps

Triceps Kickbacks – 10-12 reps

Curtsy Lunge with Sumo Squat – 10-12 each leg

Fire Hydrant done with/ without Dumbbell – 10 each leg

V-Sit Ups/ Tucks with Dumbbell – 10-12 reps

Flutter Kick with Dumbbell – 20-25 kicks

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