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Leg Workout without Weights | 6 Exercises for Strong Legs

Leg Workout without Weights | 6 Exercises for Strong Legs

Leg Workout without Weights | 6 Exercises for Strong Legs

Here are 6 Exercises for Strong Legs. Use this Leg Workout without Weights to get STRONG!

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Of course working out with barbells and dumbbells is awesome but sometimes you can’t get to the gym. So here is a great alternative, a leg workout without weights. Do these 6 exercises for stronger legs!

To train your legs, you don’t need much but your training needs to focus on two elements: 1) leg-specific movements and 2) targeting all muscles in your legs. It really is that simple. However there can be some challenges that you need to watch out for.

By far, the biggest myth holding you back is that squats, lunges and deadlifts are all that you need. They’re not. They’re great leg exercises but they aren’t complete.

In this video Coaches Brian Klepacki and Chris Wilson give you 6 bodyweight leg exercises you can do anywhere.

Here is the workout in order:

Prisoner Squats
In & Out Squat Jumps
Bulgarian Split Squats
Split Squat Jumps
Calf Raises
Lateral Lunges

Use these exercises to successfully target your legs and adding strength, lean muscle, and endurance to your lower body.

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