PR3000 Homegym Review

PR3000 300x300 1 - Home Fitness GuruThe Bowflex HomeGym is a resistance exercise machine used for building strength and muscle. It was first patented by an engineering student in San Francisco in 1979. Bowflex Inc. began selling home gyms in 1986. Traditionally, Bowflex Home Gyms have been sold via television infomercials. These days, you can buy one on the Bowflex web site or from a sporting goods store.

Many exercises you can do on a gym machine can also be done on Bowflex Home Gyms. But the Bowflex has the advantage of being compact enough to store in almost any room of the house. The current models of Bowflex Homegyms include Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Homegym, Bowflex Revolution Homegym, and Bowflex PR3000 Home gym. Let us review the PR3000 home gym model.

Bowflex PR3000 Homegym Model

Looking for space and time-saving workout, all at a great price? The Bowflex PR3000 is a home gym value leader with more than 50 strength exercises and no cable changes needed between sets – all in a compact space-saving design.

Key features:

  • Over 50 exercises listed
  • Power Rods supply 210 pounds of resistance; can be upgraded to 410 pounds
  • No-change cable pulley system promotes fast-paced workouts
  • Triple function handgrips and ankle cuff grips for workout versatility
  • Four-inch upholstered roller cushions for comfortable leg extension and leg curl exercises
  • Compact design saves space
  • High build quality
  • Leg Attachment
  • Vertical bench press
  • Workout Placard shows exercises for easy reference while you’re working out

Does The Bowflex PR3000 Work As Advertised?

The best way to prove that these machines work is to go to people PR3000 workout 225x300 1 - Home Fitness Guruwho have bought and use them. Reports by users are mostly positive and note that Bowflexes do work provided one is realistic about their goals. It won’t make you into a huge giant of solid muscle according to most reviews but it will get you, and keep you, in shape.

The stated goals of a Bowflex PR3000 are to help you get in shape. In this respect, it does do what is advertised provided you use it as part of a regular workout program. Doctors recommend a person get at least 2 to 3 days of total body resistance training per week, which the Bowflex PR3000 easily provides.

Ease of Use

One of the important features of this home gym is the no cable change design.  This means that you do not have to change the cables by attaching and reattaching the cables based on the exercise you are doing.  This is the case with many cheaper models and can become a tedious and annoying step when working out.

Each cable attaches to your desired Power Rod Resistance level through a pulley system. Bowflex PR3000 has a cable pulley system build in at each station allowing you to quickly grab the handle and move onto the next exercise with little to no interruption.

Final words

If you want to work out in the privacy and comfort of your home then look no further than the Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym. It is affordable for any home, compact to fit any living space, and yet packed with all the necessary features to ensure you get the workout experience you want and need.