Strong Legs FAST! Lower Body Tabata Workout [Follow Along]

Strong Legs FAST! Lower Body Tabata Workout [Follow Along]

#1 Exercise to Develop a Rounder, Stronger Butt

Strong as a Mother… Barb Ladimir from Fitness320 is back at the Critical Bench Compound with Coach Chris Wilson for an Amazing Lower Body Tabata Workout.

If you’re looking for some strong legs fast, build some lean lower body muscle and burn unwanted fat, this is the workout for you!

A tabata workout is simply a method utilized by many instructors where the same movement(s) are performed over and over with limited rest periods. These are fantastic at both improving conditioning and strength.

Here is the workout… grab your Dumbbells and / or Kettlebells!!

Lower Body Strength, 5 Moves Total, Tabata

Work:Rest – 45/15, 1 min rest between rounds

1 1/2 Sumo Squats
Lunge Squat Lunge
Chair Bridges
Side Lunges

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