Bowflex Treadclimber Reviews

Treadclimber Review

TreadClimber 7 - Home Fitness GuruIsn’t it a great idea to have the benefits of three different workouts through one fitness device? Bowflex TreadClimbers offer the same. Bowflex has developed a great workout machine called TreadClimber that offers 3 workouts together.

The basic theory behind the TreadClimber is very simple. The equipment offers a walking effect like any Treadmill, workout effect of a Stair Climber, and also the effect of elliptical machine overall offering the workout effect of 3 fitness devices through one machine.

Bowflex offers low impact but very effective workout to your body. The fitness device can burn up to double the calories from your body when compared to traditional equipment like Stair Climber and Treadmill.

About Bowflex

Bowflex, a registered brand by Nautilus Inc., entered in to the fitness and workout equipment manufacturing business in the year 1986. Initially, the company used to manufacture fitness equipment in order to fulfill the needs of those individuals who do not have enough time to go to gym. Bowflex began making the fitness equipment with the aim of offering multiple workout effects through a single fitness device.

All the products by Bowflex are very famous for quality, and they offer convenience and ease-of-use. All the home-gym devices introduced by the fitness equipment provider have gathered popularity around the world. Most people whoever have used the TreadClimber equipment say that the equipment are very helpful in offering effective workouts. They have shared their experiences and success stories online in the form of testimonials and reviews.

About TreadClimber

TreadClimber by Bowflex is one of the best and most wonderful fitness machines in the industry. It offers the right blend of workouts to your body. The machine offers the workouts of three fitness equipment Treadmill, Stair Climber, and Elliptical machine. You can perform workouts on the machine in various positions. The fitness device helps you lose twice the amount of calories than other fitness devices. TreadClimber includes numerous features that offer effective workout.

TreadClimber offers low-impact cardio workout that can help you burn about 40-50% more calories than regular Stair Climbers. You can burn more than 612 calories through TreadClimber when you are working out at the rate of 3mph.

How Is TreadClimber Unique?

Bowflex TreadClimber functions on Dual Treadles System. What are Treadles? The space provided on both the sides of the machine for your feet are called Treadles. Treadles move upwards and downwards while you are walking on the TreadClimber. You can adjust the intensity level on the machine as per your requirement. TreadClimber offers fair resistance during Strength Training process.

TreadClimber Models

The current TreadClimber models offered by Bowflex include TC5, TC10 and TC20. Bowflex has discontinued manufacturing its other models such as TC 1000, TC 3000, TC 5000, TC 5300, and TC 6000. You can find detailed specification and features information of the currently available TreadClimber models in the following sentences:

Bowflex TreadClimber TC 5

TreadClimber TC5 is the first motor-less TreadClimber. This is one TreadClimber 4 - Home Fitness Guruof the most affordable TreadClimbers in the industry. Its price is less than $1000.


  • 4 Functions to determine Time, Speed, Calories and Distance
  • Performance Speed ranges between 0 – 4.5 mph
  • Optimum readout speed 4.5 mph
  • LCD Display for tracking the workout progress

The TC5 TreadClimber is very suitable for those who have budget limits yet want to achieve revolutionary workouts effect.

Bowflex TreadClimber TC10

TreadClimber TC10 has been considered as one of the most TreadClimber 3 - Home Fitness Guruaffordable motor-based TreadClimbers available in the market. This is one of the most selling TreadClimbers in the industry.

TC10 is very simple and convenient to use because of its features. The TreadClimber includes a great console, and also outstanding features known as Goal Coaching and a Step-up Platform.


  • 4 Functions to determine Time, Speed, Calories and Distance
  • 4 LCD screens for displaying the workout progress
  • Optimum readout speed 0.5 – 4 mph
  • Rear step-up platform

Bowflex TreadClimber TC20

Bowflex TreadClimber TC20 is a great choice for multiple TreadClimber 5 - Home Fitness Guruindividuals. It is an advanced and a luxurious TreadClimber available today with bells and whistles. TC20 is an advanced model for TC10 with some extra features such as higher speed limit, integrated heart-rate monitoring, 8 preset workout programs, goal tracking option for 2 users, longer foot treadles and a backlit console screen.


  • 5 Functions to determine Time, Speed, Calories, Heart Rate and Distance
  • Total backlit LCD screen to display the workout progress
  • Optimum readout speed 0.5 – 4.5 mph
  • Rear step-up platform

TreadClimbers – Comparison Chart

TreadClimber Model TC5 TC10 TC20
Functions 4 4 5
Resistance Level Manual 12 Levels
Heart Rate Wireless Chest Strap
Optimum Readout Speed (mph) 4.5 0.5 to 4 0.5 to 4.5
User Weight Limit 300 lbs
Dimensions 43.1″L x 27″ W x 52.8″ H 50.6″ L x 30.3″ W x 52.3″ H 55″ L x 31.5″ W x 55.25″ H
Climb Indicators Yes
Quick Controls No Yes
Profiles Storage No 1 User 2 Users
Display LCD Screen 4 LCD Screens Backlit LCD Screen
Accessories Storage Yes
Warranty 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years


Bowflex TreadClimber – Advantages

Easy Assembling: Most of the fitness devices available today need so much of time and help for assembling them. But assembling Bowflex TreadClimber is very simple and easy, and you will not need anyone’s assistance for assembling it. You get an instruction manual where you can find how to assemble the machine. In case of any doubts while assembling you can talk to Bowflex Customer Service team to get assistance.

Convenient: Unlike most fitness machines in the industry, Bowflex TreadClimber offers a great workout effect but without causing any pain or strain to your body. The TreadClimber can be used at home very conveniently. It offers great workouts to your abs, arms and legs just like a traditional cardio workout but without causing you any pain. It helps you burn good amount of fat and calories from your body.

Advanced User Settings: TreadClimber settings can be altered as per your comfort. You can adjust both the speed and resistance levels as per your physical strength level.

Less Stress On Joints: The Bowflex TreadClimber works very gently on the joints. The machine does not cause any stress on your knees or joints mainly because of its advanced features and functionality. As the machine uses uniform walking model, it does not cause any stress on your knees, ankles and shins.

Enhances Energy Levels: The TreadClimber increases your energy levels by shedding excess body fat. It increases the heart rate and also tones your body.

Money Back Guarantee: The manufacturers are very confident about TreadClimbers that they are offering money back guarantee on the equipment for 6 weeks. So in case you are unhappy with the functionality and effectiveness of the machine during this period, you can call the customer support and claim for money back. However, you should make sure that the TreadClimber is in its original condition and does not have any damage. The money will be refunded within 2 weeks of time.

TreadClimber Conclusion

Overall, TreadClimber is a great workout machine that offers the same effect as severe cardio workout but without causing any stress or strain to your body. The machine helps you in saving so much of trouble and time of acquiring the workout effect of 3 workout machines through a single machine a Treadmill, Stair Climber, and an Elliptical machine.

TreadClimber works very effectively on your body in burning excess weight and giving it a toned look. It has gathered so much of popularity among millions of users globally. You can realize its benefits and effectiveness either when you go through the numerous online reviews or when you start using the machine by yourself. TreadClimber is surely a great choice for those who do not have time to go to gym yet want to lose excess body fat and achieve a toned body.