Ways To Keep Yourself and Your Family Entertained During Quarantine

Ways To Keep Yourself and Your Family Entertained During Quarantine

Ways To Keep Yourself and Your Family Entertained During Quarantine

Ways To Keep Yourself and Your Family Entertained During Quarantine

No one saw quarantine coming. No one could have predicted that we would be asked to stay at home as much as possible for months on end with no firm end date. These are unprecedented times, and we are facing unforeseen challenges. On the surface, staying home all the time might sound nice or like a nice vacation, but it can present challenges you did not predict. Working or learning from home is easier said than done, but merely staying home all the time can be challenging in its own right. When you are not working or learning at home, you will find yourself with more free time than usual. Filling that new free time can be tricky, and you might be at a loss for ways to keep yourself and your family entertained during quarantine. Fear not, with these tips, tricks, and suggestions, you can find creative ways to keep your family occupied while we all wait out our home quarantines.

Tune Out The World

Tune Out The World | Entertained During Quarantine

Quarantining at home might leave you bored, but it can also add stress and worry. A global pandemic is a perfectly natural reason to stress and worry, but feeling stressed and worried is rarely pleasant. When the world feels like too much, when the news is too depressing, and you don’t know what to do with your free time, tune out the world, and escape for a little bit. Put on a noise-canceling pair of wireless headphones to escape the real world for a little bit. Listen to music, an audiobook, podcast, or anything else that helps you relax and forget for a minute. There is nothing wrong with taking a moment for yourself to escape the crazy world. You also do not need to buy expensive headphones, specifically for tuning out. Whether you curl up in bed with some earbuds or sit by your computer with a gaming headset, find a way to take a break and escape. A waterproof speaker and a nice bath is just as good a way to relax as playing your favorite game for a few hours. Find what suits you and your needs. 

Streaming Services

Thankfully, the Internet age brought excellent connectivity and accessibility to millions of households. We are no longer limited by what is on cable TV or what we can download in a few hours. Every day, there are seemingly new streaming services that can deliver an insane amount of content straight to your TV, computer, or smartphone. Netflix, HBOMax, Hulu, and DIsney+ are the most extensive streaming services right now, but there is a slew of other services with different content. iTunes U, Khan Academy, and Curiosity Stream more are all fantastic educational streaming services to keep your mind engaged while filling free time. There are also specialized kids streaming services with content geared for a younger audience. Kids streaming programs generally focus on content that is entertaining but still continues the child’s development.

Family Workout

Staying inside most of the time has likely cut down on your and your family’s exercise time. Parks, gyms, and activity classes are primarily shut down, meaning your typical ways of working out may not be available right now. Instead of abandoning exercise entirely, find a way to work out as a family. Tossing young kids in the air is a great arm workout while being fun for your “weights.” Online workout programs can stream to your TV so you can take whatever class you want from home. Get your whole household engaged with a workout challenge or game. Even a family dance party is a creative way to get everyone moving while keeping the activity fun for everyone. During this pandemic, staying healthy is critical and working out is a part of a healthy lifestyle. 

This pandemic was not a part of anyone’s plan, and no one was prepared to quarantine, let alone for this long. Staying home more than average has given you more free time, but you need healthy ways to fill that free time. Taking a break to tune out the world is healthy and responsible. Find what helps you relax and let the other people in your house do the same for their needs. Use streaming services for an endless supply of content ranging from mindless entertainment to thoughtful education. Keep you and your family moving with a family workout plan. Even just 30 minutes of exercise a day can make a difference, so rally as a family to stay healthy and entertained during this pandemic.

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