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Women’s AT-HOME Shoulder Sculpting Workout (COMPLETE Follow-Along)

Women's AT-HOME Shoulder Sculpting Workout (COMPLETE Follow-Along)

Women’s AT-HOME Shoulder Sculpting Workout (COMPLETE Follow-Along)

**Sculpt, tone, and define your shoulders using this FOLLOW-ALONG shoulder workout (at-home edition). Use this 4 exercise routine that Stephanie has put together for you!**

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Ladies like to focus on their abs, butts and legs, and they usually neglect their shoulders. However, having toned, a bit wider and round shoulders look great if you wear a dress or a top. They make your hips and waist look thinner.

NPC Bikini Competitor, Stephanie Dushane, and being a full-time working mom, she understands that sometimes it’s impossible to get to the gym for a workout but that’s no excuse not to workout.

In this video she shares with you a quick at-home shoulder workout that can easily be done in under 10 minutes. All that is required is a resistance band of some sort since the shoulders are hard to target without some sort of external resistance.

Here is the follow-along shoulder routine found within this video:

3 sets x 10 reps per exercise, little rest:
Side Raise
Front Raise
Overhead Press
Upright Row

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