Workout to Get Lower Abs Fast (7 MINUTES!)

Workout to Get Lower Abs Fast (7 MINUTES!)

If you want to get lower abs fast you are going to need to do a couple of things that are especially important. First, you will need to get your nutrition cleaned up. Due to the fact that most men and many women tend to store fat in their lower abdomen it is often the last to come off and therefore requires a higher dedication to eating right to get rid of it. Second, many people don’t train their lower abs correctly or simply don’t have the strength to do lower ab workouts right.

While it is anatomically impossible to isolate the lower abs from the upper abs and get them to contract independent of the other, it is possible to influence the fiber activation of one area over the other. This is due to the fact that the different areas of the abdominals have different nerve innervation and that there is evidence to support that movements the are initiated with the pelvis moving towards the shoulders can recruit better fiber activation of the lower abdominal region.

That said, there is a big downside to lower ab, bottom up exercises. The fact that these moves require that you lift the weight of your legs makes them instantly more challenging and demanding than top down shoulder to pelvis ab exercises. What winds up happening is those whose lower abs aren’t strong enough wind up overtaxing their hip flexors and not getting enough work for their abs. Read continue here

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