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How To Get V-CUT ABS (For Women!)

How To Get V-CUT ABS (For Women!)

How To Get V-CUT ABS For Women!

If you’re looking to know how to get v cut abs this is the video for you. Not only will we give you some great tips and bust some myths about getting that v-cut line as well as some of the best exercises for lower abs and obliques to get that v-cut.

So the first important tip when it comes to getting 6 pack abs is that you can do all the lower abs exercises in the world but if your bodyfat isn’t low enough you won’t be able to see the lower abs. For that reason if you want to know how to get abs, you need to focus heavily on nutrition. That being said, if your bodyfat level is in the 20-25% range, if your ab muscles are strong and built up enough, you will be able to see the abs and maybe even the low abs at least somewhat despite not being at a a level of extreme leanness.

Genetics is another factor when it comes to 6 pack abs. Some women tend to store more fat in the lower abs than others and for those individuals it will be a bit harder to see the low abs and get those v cut abs.