Workout For Women With Dumbbells / TOTAL BODY 8 Exercise Routine

Workout For Women With Dumbbells / TOTAL BODY 8 Exercise Routine

*This FULL BODY Dumbbell Workout is EXACTLY what you need to lose fat, get toned and feel STRONG. It’s fast, it’s simple, and it delivers GREAT results!*

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Looking for the ULTIMATE full body routine using weights that not only works but is QUICK and EASY!? Look no further! Life gets busy and as time goes on of two things tend to happen even to those of us committed to keeping up our fitness . . . you’ve found a go-to fitness routine and are STUCK, or you’ve completely given up on your goals. Either way, it’s time to shake things up and get back to doing what will get you the BEST RESULTS!

It’s no secret that weight bearing exercises is great for your overall health & wellness. Not only does it keep your body strong by developing muscle tissue that supports a solid framework, but it is also shown that weight bearing exercises help reduce bone density loss. If it’s time that has you making excuses well, can you really afford to make excuses when there are options like this that will have you in and out of a workout in under an hour? I don’t think so. And here is a little TOUGH LOVE for you all . . . the cheapest yet greatest investment you can make that will deliver the best returns is to invest in your health & fitness.

So if have some dumbbells in the corner holding down a stack of paper or propping up a couch that’s missing a leg or two it’s time to pick them up and put them to their very BEST use!

If you’ve been shying away from the dumbbell section at the gym . . . it’s time to walk up and introduced yourself to these metal miracle workers! Pick them up and let’s start moving them around in exercises that are going to give you your MURVES . . . aka “muscle curves!”

In this video coach Tonya shares one of her favorite dumbbell programs that is a series of SUPERSETS. The great thing about supersets is not only do they max out your muscles to give you a spectacular kick-butt workout but they also cut down the amount of time you need to get through them.


Here is what this FULL BODY Dumbbell Superset Workout looks like:

3 rounds total

10-12 repetitions per set
2-3 minute break between rounds

Biceps Curls
Triceps Kickbacks

Shoulder Press
Front Raises

Dumbbell Deadlift
Bent Over Rows

Reverse Lunge
Weighted Step Ups

If you have any questions or comments, please post them now below! Thanks for watching and have an awesome day.

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