15 min Morning Sun Salutations Yoga Flow

15 min Morning Sun Salutations Yoga Flow

Hey yogis, I’ve got another quick yoga class for you that’s wonderful to do first thing in the morning or before a workout. Sun salutations are a wonderful practice to elevate your heart rate while strengthening and stretching your entire body.

We’ll begin with a quick warmup and then move to some half sun salutations followed by a few rounds of Sun Salutation A and then Sun Salutation B. We’ll wind down with a standing forward fold, malasana and a seated twist before closing with a short meditation.

Modify and take breaks if you need to! It can take a while to build strength in this type of movement but practicing it regularly will help you start your day on the right foot.

This is a fast paced practice ideal for intermediate students! Sun salutations are meant to be practiced in one breath per movement to elevate the heart rate. If you prefer slower flows, check out other videos on my channel 🙂



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